Terms & Conditions


  1. Only Australian residents aged 18 or over are eligible to enrol in LivingLite support program (the “program”).

  2. The program is sponsored by iNova Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd (ABN 13 617 871 539) (“iNova”) and managed and administered by Partizan Worldwide Pty Ltd (ABN 18 115 985 825) (“Partizan”). Partizan will collect, use, store and/or disclose personal information relating to you in connection with the Program, for purposes of administering your involvement in the Program, including to provide and deliver all communications, including any phone calls, emails and SMS for the program. Only anonymised and aggregated data will be shared with iNova from Partizan, unless an adverse event is reported.

  3. The program consists of a number of different components (further detail on each is outlined in section 9 below). The exact services you are eligible to receive will be based on your individual needs.

  4. Involvement in the program is designed to complement and support the instructions of your healthcare practitioner.

  5. The duration of your enrolment in the program will be dependent upon the services of the program you elect to participate in.

  6. You consent to receiving SMS messages, emails, phone calls and/or other communications in respect to your enrolment and participation in the program. If you no longer wish to receive these communications (other than those communications that are necessary to administer the program e.g. forgotten password) you can unsubscribe from email, SMS and phone calls at any time by:

          1. clicking the link in any email, which will direct you to the unsubscribe page of the website;
          2. emailing support@livingliteprogram.com.au with details of what you wish to opt out of; or
          3. calling 1800 735 311.

    You may opt out of receiving SMS communications (other than those communications necessary to administer the program), at any time by replying X to an SMS. This will opt you out of the receipt of that specific type of SMS communications. 

    Partizan will comply with your request as soon as practicable.

    If you wish to provide additional feedback, please contact us by emailing support@livingliteprogram.com.au or calling 1800 735 311.

  7. Withdrawal from the program

          1. You may choose to withdraw from the program at any time. You can withdraw from the program by:

                      1. emailing support@livingliteprogram.com.auwith a request to withdraw;
                      2. calling 1800 735 311

    Partizan will comply with your request as soon as practicable.

  8. iNova reserves the right to cease funding the program and/or terminate the program without notice at any time.



   9. The program consists of the following services:

  1. Learning modules - For people who have been enrolled by their healthcare professions only. You will receive access to a 12 week educational program (consisting of 8 learning modules delivered either electronically or by your nominating healthcare professional) to provide you with information, tools and support during your weight management journey.

  2. General Health and Weight Management Information and Support Services - consists of email and SMS support services. You may receive regular communications (via email and/or SMS) covering a range of educational topics and reminders at various time points to ask you how you are finding the program. You may also be required to confirm at certain time points whether you are on a prescribed iNova medication for weight loss.

  3. Reminder Services - consists of SMS and/or email reminder services regarding visiting your healthcare professional for more advice or support throughout your weight management journey.

  4. Program Website - you will be provided access to the website located at “www.livingliteprogram.com.au”. The website provides a comprehensive range of online support services including healthy lifestyle management tips and support tools.

  5. Phone Support - A phone-based nurse support service availale to eligible patients prescribed an iNova medication for weight loss.


   10. Enrolment in the program is completed online either by yourself, or by your healthcare professional.








Partizan will collect, use, store and/or disclose personal information relating to you in connection with the Program, for purposes of administering your involvement in the Program. Partizan uses your personal information primarily to manage your participation in the Program and for other purposes as notified to you or as set out in this Privacy Statement. Partizan will not use your personal information for any other purposes unless Partizan has your consent to do so or is required to do so by law. If you do not provide personal information when requested, Partizan will not be able to manage your participation in the Program and, as a result, you may not be able to participate. Partizan takes reasonable steps to protect such personal information from misuse, interference, loss and unauthorised access, modification or disclosure. Your personal information will be handled in accordance with the Program Privacy Policy which details (amongst other things) how you can access, correct or complain about the handling of your personal information, and how Partizan will respond to your requests or complaints. If you would like a copy of the Program Privacy Policy, or if you would like to see or correct your records or if you have any queries or complaints, please contact Partizan at any time by calling 1800 735 311 or emailing the LivingLite support program team at support@livingliteprogram.com.au.


Before you submit any information and agree to enrol in the Program, you should be aware of and consent to the following:

CONSENT: By providing your personal information (including your name, age, gender and contact details; as well as, sensitive information, including information about any goals or wishes you have in relation to the management of your general health, any information provided by you or third parties in relation to health services provided to you or any other personal information in connection with the Program), you consent to Partizan collecting and using your personal information in accordance with the Program Terms and Conditions and the Program Privacy Policy in order to enrol you in and ensure your continuing eligibility for the Program, administer and manage the Program, improve or enhance the Program, provide counselling services through the Program, to contact you in relation to adverse health events or for other purposes set out in this Privacy Statement or the LivingLite support program Terms and Conditions.

COLLECTION AND USE OF YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION: Partizan may collect personal information directly from you, and also from your nominated Healthcare professional as well as third parties involved in the delivery of the Program. Partizan may use your personal information to administer the program, to contact you as necessary to clarify certain aspects of your personal information and/or to review your experience/participation in the Program, and your interest in participating in market research in relation to the Program. Your personal information will be stored in a Program database via which it will be accessible by the LivingLite support program team and their nominated users or service providers, strictly for purposes in accordance with the Program Terms and Conditions and the Program Privacy Policy. Partizan may also disclose your personal information to other persons involved with the Program in connection with the Program, such as iNova (in relation to self-reported adverse events or to improve positive health outcomes), your nominated General Practitioner or third party service providers, in accordance with the Program Terms and Conditions and the Program Privacy Policy. Partizan may disclose personal and health information to service providers carrying out functions which are identical or similar to those carried out by Partizan in relation to the Program.

You acknowledge and agree that Partizan may use your personal information to provide you with SMS, telephone and/or email communications in relation to the Program and the service provided under the Program, including the receipt of reminders and other notifications relating to the Program. If you do not, or you no longer, wish to receive such communications, you may opt out of the receipt of SMS and/or emails or the whole program at any time by:

  1. Clicking the link in any email communication that directs you to the program opt-out options on the website;or

  2. Emailing support@livingliteprogram.com.au; or calling 1800 735 311

You may opt out of receiving SMS communications (other than those communications necessary to administer the Program), at any time by replying X to an SMS. This will opt you out of that specific type of SMS communication. 

Partizan will comply with your request as soon as practicable.

DATA SHARING WITH INOVA: Any self-reported adverse events that arise from taking your iNova medication for weight loss will be reported to iNova’s pharmacovigilance department  for the purpose of reporting this information to the appropriate regulatory notification body and/or in accordance with iNova’s adverse event reporting processes. iNova may also use the personal information to contact you to obtain additional information relating to your adverse event.

Otherwise, only aggregated, de-identified information relating to your participation in the Program, such as information about your goals and tracking, will be collated into a report for iNova. iNova may use this information for internal purposes, including planning and managing resources for the Program, and analysis and research purposes (e.g. to calculate patient adherence rates). iNova may disclose the aggregated, de-identified information to third parties in order to promote awareness of the Program, for the continued running of the Program and to publish the information in reports or medical publications. You will not be able to be identified in any form of report or publication. Any personal information collected by iNova will be handled in accordance with iNova's privacy policy available at http://inovapharma.com/privacy-policy/.

WEBSITE INFORMATION: iNova does not guarantee or warrant the accuracy, currency and completeness of the information on this website. iNova strives to ensure that the information provided on the website is accurate and up- to-date. However, iNova reserves the right at any time to change or add to the information provided on this website, including these terms, without notice.

VIRUSES: iNova does not warrant that this website will be free from viruses or other threats to your computer systems or software that may be transferred electronically. iNova will not be liable to you for any damage caused by any such viruses or other material.

COPYRIGHT AND TRADE MARKS: Unless otherwise indicated, iNova owns, or uses under licence, all copyright, trade marks and other intellectual property rights in the contents and design of this website. Except as permitted under the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth) or other applicable laws and as permitted below, you must not reproduce, adapt, store in a retrieval system, transmit, print, display, perform, publish the whole or any part of this website. You may view the content of this website on your Internet browser and also print copies of the content for your own personal or non- commercial purposes only, provided that you do not remove or modify any copyright notices from such copies. You acknowledge that you do not acquire any ownership rights or any other by downloading copyright material.

The iNova name and logo and the trade names of iNova's products are trade marks of iNova and its related bodies corporate. You must not use those names or any related logos without first obtaining iNova's written consent. If iNova provides written consent for your use of any of those names or related logos, you must include a statement attributing those names and related logos to iNova.

In any event, iNova reserves any rights not expressly granted in these terms.

EXCLUSION OF LIABILITIES: To the extent legally permitted, iNova is not liable to you for any claim, expense, loss or damage incurred by you arising directly or indirectly out of your access or use of (or inability to access or use) this website, whether direct, consequential, special, indirect or other loss or damage, and whether such liability arises out of contract, tort, statute or otherwise.

JURISDICTION: These terms and any disputes arising under them or otherwise in relation to this website are governed by the laws applying in New South Wales and the courts having jurisdiction in that State. If any provision of these terms is held by a court to be contrary to law, then that provision will not form part of these terms to the extent of the invalidity but all the other terms will remain in full force and effect.

REFERENCES TO INOVA: Any references to iNova in these terms include a reference to its employees, agents and contractors and each of their respective employees, agents and contractors.



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